Terms of Use


By purchasing, downloading and/or using designs, design files and other products from Camilla Hoke, or from one of her websites such as allimake.com, allimakesvg.etsy.com or allimake.etsy.com (each, a “Licensed Product”), for personal and non-commercial use, You agree to these Terms of Use.

PROPRIETARY RIGHTS – All Licensed Products, including their underlying intellectual property rights, are designed, created and owned by Camilla Hoke. You may not claim any intellectual property rights in a Licensed Product, or in any unauthorized copies or unauthorized derivates thereof, and any attempt to do so is invalid and voidable.

PERMITTED USES – When purchasing a Licensed Product, You acquire the right to do the following with it, subject to these Terms of Use:

  • Use a Licensed Product for Your personal, non-commercial use;
  • Transfer a non-electronic Licensed Product to any third party for their personal, non-commercial use; and
  • Use each Licensed Product to make a single product that contains the image embodied in such Licensed Product (resulting in a “Derivative Product”) to use for Your personal use or to distribute to any third party for their personal, non-commercial use.

NON-PERMITTED USES – Except to the extent allowed in Permitted Uses above, Your right to use a Licensed Product does not include the right to, and You may not:

  • Copy a Licensed Product in electronic form (digital or analog) or otherwise, including by way of example and not limitation:
    • uploading to print at on-demand sites; or
    • saving, sharing, cutting or printing a Licensed Product for third parties to trace, copy or vectorize for their own personal use or for the purpose of selling designs.
  • Create derivative works of a Licensed Product, including by way of example and not limitation:
    • digitizing a Licensed Product to enable embroidery or similar embodiments in fabric materials; or
    • creating Derivative Products to distribute on a commercial basis.
  • Distribute a copy of a Licensed Product to any third party, including by way of example and not limitation:
    • selling a Licensed Product or a Derivative Product at any online sites; or
    • uploading a Licensed Product or a Derivative Product to any clipart stock sites;

 REQUIRED NOTICES – The following notice must be placed on or not removed from a Licensed Product.
Copyright Camilla Hoke – ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.
Terms of Use available at the following site: www.allimake.com/terms_of_use.

Please contact me if you have questions about these Terms of Use, if You have any issues with an electronic file, if You want to purchase additional copies, or if You want to buy a Commercial License to any Licensed Product,  by emailing me directly at: allimake.SVG@gmail.com.

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