Removing Backing from Vinyl

Removing Backing1When ordering highly detailed vinyl decals, sometimes you can run into issues with the decal when removing backing from vinyl.  Monograms with dots can also see more issues because there are so many pieces to keep track of.  The first thing you want to do is…be patient.  Next, move slowly.   Read more Removing Backing from Vinyl

Vinyl Application Instructions

Applying Vinyl Decals

Each vinyl decal sold in my Etsy shop include vinyl application instructions.  These are general vinyl instructions to apply vinyl to a wide range of applications.  Find more detailed instructions to apply vinyl to different items and surfaces in the vinyl category on this blog.

I apply vinyl to many surfaces including, cars, car windows, glassware, tiles, unfinished and painted wood, mirrors, sport equipment, glasses, tumblers, picture frames, baby bottles, sippy cuts and much, much more…there are too many applications and surfaces to mention.

Vinyl is intended for single use and cannot be removed and reused.  Additionally, when you apply vinyl as soon as it comes in contact with the surface you are placing it on, just go with it.  Trying to remove it can cause it to stretch or damage the vinyl.

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Vinyl Faces for Craft Projects

When I was creating my scrap wood scarecrow snowman, I knew it would be easy to assemble and paint.  I was a little intimidated about painting the faces on them.  I decided to add the vinyl faces for craft projects to the scrapwood scarecrow snowman with vinyl.  I have a variety of snowman and scarecrow faces in my Etsy shop.  You can order the vinyl faces for craft projects from  Use them for scrap wood scarecrow and snowman and much more.

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Glass Blocks with Vinyl

Christmas time is a wonderful opportunity to create decorations for your home, friends and loved ones.  You can find a very wide range of affordable decals for glass blocks on Etsy, including my Etsy shop, All I Make.  I created this glass block with vinyl using glass blocks we found on Craigs List and the a vinyl decal found in my Etsy shop.  We were able to get glass block cheap, so we found a drill bit at Lowe’s to drill into the back of the blocks to insert the mesh and lights in the block.  You can also find the blocks ready to decorate at your favorite craft store, especially around Christmas time.

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Softball Ornaments

Softball Christmas Ornament

Every year I try to make something special for the girls on my daughters softball team.  As they get older, it is harder to come up with more mature goodies for them.  The girls still cannot resist these softball ornaments.  This year I bought heart shaped glass Christmas bulbs, however most years I use the jumbo Christmas bulbs.  I fill with green paint and add red vinyl softball stitching to the outside.  I have included instructions below to make your own softball ornaments for your team.  I think this could also be a great softball team bonding activity for about 12 years old and up.

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